Brides, it’s time to unwind!

Being a bride is a heavenly experience, but we all know as the wedding date nears, it gets tough with all the preparations and responsibilities. We suggest, just take a break. You deserve one girl! Here are 5 suggestions to de-stress yourself before your D-day.

Book a massage appointment

Body massages are the ideal way to mitigate tension. That 45 min- 1 hr of massage has a spell bounding effect on your mind and body. Take any type of massage and you will surely love the experience. A day prior to your massage appointment, drink a lot of water. This helps to flush out the toxins from your body before the massage.

Take your sweet time in Tub

You can soak yourself in the tub and have a relaxing, hot bath. This helps your muscles to relax and lightens up your mind. You can add essential oils and bath salts in your tub; the aroma therapy will further accentuate your relaxing time. While you are in the warm water, use loofah on your knees and elbows and pumice on your feet. This will scrub away your dead skin. You will be refreshed from head to toe with this long bath.

Pick up a good read

Read a book of your choice. This is the ultimate way to take your mind away from all the tensions related to your wedding preparations. The book will transport you to another world altogether and will relax your mind.

Add walks in your schedule

Taking a walk or going for a jog will give you some alone time. This will help you clear your mind and calm you down. It will be more beneficial if you leave your phone at home. Take this time to connect with nature and most importantly with yourself. This can also prove to be the best pre-wedding workout! (As you may be counting calories!)

Yell ‘time out!’

You deserve a time out from all the wedding planning. A day or two’s break from all the wedding preparations is needed. You can take this break to pamper yourself, meet friends over drinks or brunch with your fiancé.